The team has been chosen, and they're ready to fight Mister Dark in FABLES #104 "Super Team" part 3 (on sale today)!
Everyone loves a good superhero story and this month FABLES has just that.
This Valentine’s Day I asked the Vertigo editors to pick a few couples from both classic and current Vertigo titles that defy our expectations of coupledom. I hope you enjoy this unique twist on the holiday we love to not love.
In "Super Team" part 4, Ozma’s super team is ready to fight, but there’s a complication: Mister Dark isn’t the only one of the Great Powers on the warpath. The North Wind just blew into town with bad news for Bigby: His ghostly son must die.
Well, well, well, Mr. Willingham—I didn’t see it coming. As most of you know by now, Bufkin is one of my favorite characters from FABLES.
From the New York Times best-selling, Hugo Award-nominated, Eisner Award winning comic book series FABLES comes PETER & MAX: A FABLES NOVEL, wr


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