Yes, PETER & MAX: A FABLES NOVEL by Bill Willingham and with spot illustrations by Steve Leialoha is available today, as an E-Book priced at $9.99.
FABLES issue #102 begins a new storyline – SUPER TEAM. What’s this you ask? Superheroes in FABLES? Let’s hear what editor Shelly Bond has to say:
I approached the writing of my story for Fables #100 with considerable trepidation.
Last week Vertigo and series editor Shelly Bond celebrated the publication of FABLES issue #100 with very yummy cupcakes.
SOME USEFUL CONSTRUCTION TIPS Hello faithfully Fables readers!
As regular readers of FABLES will know, I’m always keen to try out new things to keep the book looking fresh.
This weekend is Halloween. The day for tricks and treats...and costumes!
No, this isn’t a FABLES 101 primer about all that is wonderful and fantastic about the world(s) of FABLES.
When editor Shelly Bond called me and asked me if I was up for doing the art on FABLES 99, I think I answered so fast that I betrayed the laws of time, the sound that exited my mouth came out in quantum mode and bit its own tail.


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