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Are You Ready for We Are Robin's Lee Bermejo?
Batman's Terrifying New Villain: Snyder and Capullo Introduce Mr. Bloom

After shaking up the Dark Knight’s status quo and elevating former police commissioner Jim Gordon to the role of Batman, writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo are now setting their sights on introducing the Dark Knight’s newest adversa

DC All Access - Green Lantern's New Weapon is Old

Things haven't been going so smoothly for Hal Jordan lately, and with the Green Lantern Corps missing and entire worlds of people being turned to stone, it doesn't look like things will be getting any easier any time soon... or will they? In this exclusive DC All Access clip, we talk to Green Lantern writer Robert Venditti about how Hal Jordan found himself in this state, and what's ahead for him on the horizon. Can you say Black Hand?

Are You Ready for Superman's Gene Luen Yang?
Are You Ready for Aquaman's Trevor McCarthy and Cullen Bunn?
Are You Ready for Cyborg's David Walker
With his instant access to any computer network and ability to overrun any security system, young Victor Stone—Cyborg—would seem to be the perfect super hero for our time. Yet, DC’s new Cyborg series will spend just as much time getting to know the man inside the cybernetic mainframe as it will exploring the high-tech world he inhabits.


Sometimes it takes a great tragedy to truly push a hero beyond their limits—to break them down and make them an even greater super hero. Those that haven't experienced this sort of loss will never become greater than they are. Many heroes had these tragedies happen at a young age or in the early days of their careers. But for those who haven't, one man makes it his duty to break them down in order to make them better, even if he has to force their tragedy himself: Zoom.

A Brief History of Robin

As bleak as Gotham City can seem, it’s always had at least one ray of light—Robin. The Boy Wonder has long kept Batman from becoming TOO dark of a Dark Knight with his optimism, energy and youthful exuberance.


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