Supergirl: Meet the President

"Should I get a blowout?"

Supergirl: Cadmus Shows Their Might

Imagine you're so powerful that you're basically a god. You can fly. You're invulnerable. You're extraordinarily fast and strong. You're tasked with keeping an entire city safe. People look to you as a hero, a role model, and more.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: A Tale of Two Steels

Hey there, Legends fans! Come on in, make yourselves at home. Let’s chat.

Arrow: On the Line!

I liked tonight’s episode for a couple reasons:

The Flash: Hi, I’m Barry Allen and I’m Addicted to Changing the Timeline

Tonight’s episode was the beginning of the Flash and Arrow crossover!

Supergirl: Superman and Clark Kent Visit National City

Look! It's a new season, a new network, but it's still Supergirl.

Arrow: Seems Like a Bullseye to Me

Since this is my first column covering Arrow for #DCTV Couch Club, I want to start things out on the right foot and that means being honest. Truth is, I was never really an Arrow guy. Let me clarify.

The Flash: Welcome to Flashpoint

The Flash is back… except not as any of us know him. He is a totally different guy in a totally different costume, with a totally different relationship to the world around him.

We love TV here at, particularly when it features all of our favorite DC heroes and villains. More important, we know our fans do as well.


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