Happy Monday, Source gang. I'm back in the office, a little warmer and rested from a few days in sunny SoFla. Yes, that's how we refer to it. Moving on.
Enjoying the new take on CAPTAIN ATOM? How can you not be? Writers James Robinson and Greg Rucka are producing an action-packed, mysterious co-feature that's beautifully rendered by CAFU.
So far, Nightwing and Flamebird's attempts at apprehending Zod's sleeper agents have worked out pretty well. But enter Az-Rel and Nadira Va-Dim, and we've got problems.
Hey folks! As usual, we have our regular “From the Editors” post  coming your way. Being the diligent worker we all know and love, Matt Idelson  managed to give us his entry early, as he made his escape to the distant land  of Barcelona.
You've gotten a peek at a few of the upcoming co-features over the last few weeks, including MANHUNTER,
Ah, dawn in the city. I start going through emails. Renato Guedes has sent us pencils for pages 9-10 of SUPERMAN #688. Wow, these are gorgeous!


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