DC All Access - Ep 327 - Up-Close Look at Batman v Superman's Batmobile! + Catwoman DLC

Start your engines! The Batman v Superman Batmobile has parked on the Warner Bros. lot, and DC All Access is on the scene. Tiffany gets a good look at the Dark Knight's newest big screen ride, and explores some of the other Dark Knight sights and sounds you'll experience on the WB Studio Tour. Plus, we learn about some of the great deals taking place for Batman Day,  take a look at the latest Batman: Arkham Knight DLC and find out about this week's can't-miss new issue of We Are Robin.

For one day only, get 18 Batman ebooks fo

A Triple Threat of Batman Day Sweepstakes

Batman Day is coming, and like with any good party, there WILL be prizes. In fact, in planning for our Batman Day giveaway, we gathered so many great Caped Crusader-themed prizes that one sweepstakes just wasn’t going to be enough.

Renowned Bakery To Shine The Bat Signal And Honor Caped Crusader With National Promotion

For information about some international Batman Day events, click here.

Batman Day: Batman Goes 8-Bit!

Here at DCComics.com, we’re unabashedly old school when it comes to our gaming. Many of us are old enough to remember when game controllers had a whole four buttons (not counting the gamepad) and were shaped like small bricks.


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