Talk about a stellar cast of guest-bloggers this week, huh? Grant Morrison, Andy Kubert, David Finch, Dustin Nguyen, Shane Davis…Can we keep going? Well, yes.
It’s been a great week for BATMAN fans here at The Source, and we’ve got a few more things to toss your way before the week is over.
Next on our list of amazing artists who’ve stopped by to talk Batman is Dustin Nguyen, who’s put together an impressive run on Batman, first with DETECTIVE COMICS and now on BATMAN: STREETS OF GOTHAM.
We've already gotten a glimpse at Andy Kubert’s contribution to the anniversary epic that is BATMAN #700. But why stop there?
As promised, we’ve got an all-star lineup of posts, art and comments rolling out this week. All celebrating the 700th issue of BATMAN.


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