Comic Trailer - Batman: Gotham Knights – Gilded City

Writer Evan Narcisse and artist Abel pit Batman against a mysterious virus in the comic book prequel to the Gotham Knights video game! This thrilling and horrific tale is split between modern-day Gotham and the Gotham of 1847, introducing the first masked Gotham vigilante: the Runaway.

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Super Scenes - Batman: The Long Halloween - "Batman vs. Ninja Goons"

Forget it, Bats, it’s Chinatown. The Dark Knight battles three unstoppable triad assassins in Batman: The Long Halloween.

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part 1 is now streaming on HBO Max. For more on the film, including additional trailers, clips and articles, visit our official movie page:

Batman: The Audio Adventures - Official Season 2 Trailer

Gotham City. A seething cauldron of crime and corruption about to boil over. While the Joker remains at large, criminal kingpins and former rivals the Penguin and Two-Face have combined their villainous might—and the mysterious narcoterrorist known as Scarecrow remains unidentified, even as his chemical nightmares plague the city. The schism between Batman and Catwoman grows ever larger as both escalate their separate wars on crime, threatening dire consequences for both.

Super Scenes - Batman: The Animated Series - "Batman vs. Joker/Harley"

You think rush hour is bad in your hometown? In Gotham City, they’ve got to worry about construction, gridlock...and loose Batmobile grappling hooks blocking traffic!

Batman: The Animated Series is now streaming on HBO Max. For more on the series, including additional trailers, clips and articles, visit our official series page:

MultiVersus: How Much Prep Time Would Batman Need to Win?

Throughout the hallowed halls of fandom and the internet, every conversation about who Batman could beat in a fight always comes down to the same question: “How much prep time does he have?”

Weekend Binge: No Good Deed Kicks Off a New Era for Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is back in Gotham for good! No, literally, she’s leaving the Joker and her old life behind and trying to do good.

“Trying” being the operative word.

Knight Has Fallen: Batman's Six Greatest Defeats

Any disciple of the martial arts will tell you that while great warriors can win many battles, they do not become great until they know how to lose.

Making a Dent: Twenty-two Facts About Two-Face
Weekend Binge: Batman: Knightfall is the Ultimate Comeback Story

Some comic book storylines are memorable for a single event. Sometimes a character dies, other times a new character might debut. Sometimes it’s the passing of a torch that sticks in readers’ memories.

Harley Quinn Is a Great Example of Emotional Growth (Seriously)

SPOILER ALERT: The following contains spoilers from the season finale of Harley Quinn. Watch it before you read any further...otherwise, you have no one but yourself to blame, kiddo.


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