We're in a giving mood here at The Source today.
Well, a ton, dear Source reader. Too much to capably sum up in one blog post. It's also way too early to give too much away.
In the spirit of my favorite time of the year…here are a few things that scare me.
Writer Fabian Nicieza and artist Ramon Bachs kick off a new era for Azrael, Death's Dark Knight -- starting here.
Writer Fabian Nicieza and artist J. Calafiore present a tale of a murdered priest. A desecrated grave marker. A kidnapped child. A secret key. A mystery whose solution could upset the world order.
The cover to December's AZRAEL #3, by Jock.
The day is winding down, and you're looking for something on the web to help pass the time. How about some Philip Tan BATMAN AND ROBIN #6 art? Not enough? We'll thrown in some Tony Daniel art for BATMAN #693 plus Jock's take on AZRAEL #2?
Hello there, Bat Nation! As BATMAN REBORN kicks into high gear, I just wanted to send a quick note to you all--a friendly reminder--to run (don’t walk!) to your local comic shop this coming Wednesday for two spectacular debuts!
In a few short days, the final chapter of BATTLE FOR THE COWL hits the stands and the entire world will learn the identity of the new Batman.


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