The Black History of Superman, Part 1

Before he was the Man of Steel or the Man of Tomorrow, before he was ever mistaken for a bird or a plane, Superman had one descriptive title above all others: “Champion of the Oppressed.” A hero for social justice from the very outset, Super

The DC Universe Guide to Surviving the Undead Apocalypse

One universally acknowledged truth of life and death in DC comics is that the deceased rarely stay that way forever. Oftentimes, these reunions can be cause for celebration. But sometimes, well, the dead come back wrong.

Travel Foreman will be moving on from Buddy Baker’s ethereal advent
The ANIMAL MAN ANNUAL #1 written by ongoing series writer Jeff Lemire with art by up and coming artist Timothy Green, II arrives in May!
Wish you could have your very own ANIMAL MAN T-shirt like the one pictured here in ANIMAL MAN issue #7 written by Jeff Lemire with art by Steve Pugh based on the cover to ANIMAL MAN is
Earlier today, we linked to all of the exclusive previews of the first batch of sixth issues from DC COMICS-T
Here’s a round up of the exclusive previews from this week’s DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 releases, on sale tomorrow.
Before he was the Animal Man you know in DC COMICS-THE NEW 52, Buddy Baker starred in an independent movie.


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