ASK…THE QUESTION: Has MAD Magazine Ever Crossed Over Into the DCU?

The time is upon us once again to ASK…THE QUESTION, what we do here in our monthly column where we take your pressing mysteries of the DC Universe and provide answers to the best of our ability.

DC Tales From the Vault - How MAD Became a Magazine - Part II

You're still here? Really?! Guess you actually want to see the second part of our DC Tales From the Vault on MAD. (There really is no accounting for taste.) DC Librarian Ben Le Clear continues his look at MAD's past, revealing what exactly prompted MAD's shift from a comic to a magazine. We'd like to say it was brilliant foresight on our part...but you know us better than that!

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For some, April 1st means a day of practical jokes and pranks.

The Usual Gang of Idiots is at it again!


Earlier today, we shared with you our panel schedule for WonderCon.

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