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First Look: Rorschach is Killed...Again

First Look: Rorschach is Killed...Again

By Tim Beedle Friday, October 9th, 2020

Tom King and Jorge Fornés launch Rorschach into the 21st Century in this exclusive first look at Rorschach #1. But is his story over before it begins?

If you’ve read Watchmen, you likely have an opinion about Rorschach. Some people may see him as a no-nonsense hero willing to expose uncomfortable truths regardless of who might be behind them. Others might brand him a terrorist, driven by a set of unyielding beliefs divorced of the complexities found within modern life. Some might see him as the natural result of a justice system built on oppression and a lack of opportunity. Others might see him as the cure to that very system—a vigilante willing to punish wrongdoers no matter which side of the law they may fall on. If you put ten different comic book fans into a room, you’ll likely wind up with ten different, equally valid opinions on the trenchcoated crimefighter who was first introduced by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons in 1986. However, there’s one thing all of them will likely agree on—he’s dead.

Or is he? In next week’s Rorschach #1, writer Tom King and artist Jorge Fornés bring back the Watchmen character for a 12-issue DC Black Label series that pushes the world of the original comic into the modern day. But if it’s 2020, then the book’s star should be pushing up daisies. What’s he doing at a political convention seemingly trying to assassinate the candidate who’s on the bring of unseating longtime President Robert Redford? That’s a good question, but perhaps an even bigger one you’ll have after reading our exclusive preview of this highly anticipated new comic is…did Rorschach just get killed less than two pages in?

We can’t answer that for you (but we will point out that Watchmen killed off one of its “heroes” in its opening panels, so you never know). You’ll need to check out our first look, and then pick up the full issue next week if you want to know what’s going on. Just be prepared to talk and possibly argue about it with your fellow comic fans when you’re done. After all, it’s Rorschach.


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Rorschach #1 by Tom King, Jorge Fornés and Dave Stewart is in stores and available digitally on Tuesday, October 13.