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Batwoman's Meagan Tandy Fights Villains...and Long Buried Feelings

Batwoman's Meagan Tandy Fights Villains...and Long...

By Tim Beedle Friday, January 17th, 2020

Having an actual, bonafide superhero fighting crime and inspiring hope within your city is a lot less fun when the hero happens to be your ex. So, let’s appreciate how difficult these past nine episodes have been for Batwoman’s Sophie Moore, the high-ranking Crows Security agent who recently discovered that Gotham’s newest vigilante just happens to be her ex-girlfriend, Kate Kane.

Of course, a lot has happened since then, including an entire Crisis on Infinite Earths and a shake-up of the multiverse’s worlds. But as Kate discovers in this weekend’s new episode of Batwoman—the first since the show’s midseason hiatus—it doesn’t matter how spectacularly you save the universe, eventually you have to return home. Back home to her murdered stepmother, her falsely-accused father and grieving stepsister, and her Lewis Carroll-obsessed super-villain of a sister. And yes, back home to Sophie, who may still have feelings for her and whose marriage to Tyler seems to have recently fallen apart.

That would mean another ex that Sophie will likely be forced to interact with every day, making her already complicated life as a Crow that much more difficult. But as we were reminded when we recently chatted with actress Meagan Tandy, Sophie may be confused, heartsick and hurting, but she’s also quite a fighter.

Since Kate Kane has returned to Gotham, you’ve seen your marriage shaken up, your job stress increase and you’ve been shot. Visits with your ex are never fun, but is it worse when your ex is a superhero?

It is absolutely worse when your ex is a superhero because it’s not just the normal situation where they just, say, come in and out of your job. She’s actually out there saving Gotham, which is what I’m supposed to be doing with the Crows. So, yeah, there’s definitely a lot of awkwardness with that one.

What does Sophie think of Kate’s decision to become Batwoman?

I have to think that deep down she loves it. After all, Kate’s using our military training to go out there and help the world. But Sophie’s also just really scared and fearful for her. So, she’s excited, but she’s also a little nervous and concerned too.

So far on the show, we’ve largely seen Kate and Sophie’s past relationship from Kate’s point of view. What would Sophie say about her decision to break up with Kate?

I think Sophie would say that it was not an easy choice for her to make. It was a complicated decision and it’s not the one that she initially thought that she was going to choose. As you saw earlier this season, Sophie had her reservations about doing it and then Kate really pumped her up—“Yeah, okay, we’re going to do this!” Then here comes Jacob giving her that reality of what’s really going to happen if you were to do it. So, it wasn’t easy at all and very complicated. I think if Sophie were sitting here right now, that’s what she’d be saying.

Is Sophie still in love with Kate? Do you think they have any chance of getting back together?

I think there’s definitely still something there. I think if there weren’t, she wouldn’t be having all of these conflicting feelings, especially when you consider that she’s married. It’s like, “Kate’s back, but I’m married, so what do I do?”

I feel like she wouldn’t even be questioning any of it if there were not still some feelings there. Is Sophie still in love with Kate? You’ll have to see. Will they get back together? Tune in.

I really feel like Sophie wants to.

I think deep down she does, but she’s trying to figure out if that’s the right choice for her and if it’s what she should be doing. There’s just so much more at stake now. She’s with the Crows, so what does it mean?

Looking at the show as a whole, Batwoman has one of the most diverse casts of any superhero show. Is that exciting to be a part of?

Oh my goodness, I think it is so exciting that our cast is so diverse. I’ve been telling people that our show is literally just like a confetti cake. We have so many different colors inside of our show and it’s not even just with skin tone. It’s sexuality. I think it’s awesome. We need more of that type of representation. Especially being in a minority myself, I feel like we need that on television, and I think it’s a wonderful thing that The CW is championing that.

You can see it on all of the shows. It’s amazing.

Yeah, I really, genuinely love what The CW is doing. I feel like the network as a whole has been really diverse and it’s doing it purposely. They’re really making a point to make sure that inclusivity and diversity and having different shades, colors, sizes, everything—they’re making sure that it’s on there. I think that’s how it should be. It’s reflecting the world.

Sophie Moore certainly can hold her own in a fight. Have you enjoyed playing such a physical, badass role?

Absolutely! I love the fact that Sophie is just this badass that can go out there and kick some ass! I’ve actually been telling Caroline (Dries) to please put some more of that on the show. That’s something that’s just so much fun about Sophie and Batwoman. She works for the Crows, she does her thing, which is great. But I mean, this girl’s also a fighter. Me just being an active person in real life, I love to be able to do that physical stuff, and the fact that this role does that? It’s pretty awesome.

What’s your training like?

Well, I’m not a professional like Sophie or anything, but I’ve always done Tae Bo or some sort of kickboxing. I tapped a little bit into krav maga, but a lot of my stuff is really just cardio. Really any type of kickboxing class.

I’ve always found keeping up with a regimen like that to be so much work!

It’s so much fun, though! Since being on the show, I’ve been able to do some more specific training because of our stunt team, which has been really amazing and fun.

So, is Sophie good at keeping secrets? Is she someone her family and friends feel like they could trust?

I would think so. I don’t think Sophie is someone that people would be like, “Oh, forget her.” I think with her being at the Crows, such a highly regarded position and role for herself, of course her friends and family would be pretty trusting of her.

Personally, I’ve always thought that Kate should just tell you she’s Batwoman.

Yeah! The thing with Sophie is that she’s definitely very genuine. I really think her only agenda is just protection of not only Gotham, but also Kate. She’s operating off of real sincerity. So yeah, of course she’s trustworthy!

Finally, if your significant other was secretly moonlighting as a vigilante, would you prefer to know…or would ignorance be bliss?

I feel like I’d want to know, but then I’m not too sure because I feel like I’d be scared the whole time—“Babe, are you going to come back alive or not?” Not knowing is probably better because otherwise I would just be worried the entire evening.

Special thanks to Insung Hwang for assisting with this interview.

Batwoman returns this Sunday, January 19th at 8 p.m. (7 p.m. CST) on The CW. Be sure to visit our official Batwoman page for more news, features and articles on Kate Kane's adventures in crimefighting.