DC Celebrates Halloween With Svengoolie and MeTV!

DC Celebrates Halloween With Svengoolie and MeTV!

By DC Publicity Wednesday, October 30th, 2019

Happy Halloween from Svengoolie, MeTV and DC!

Here at DC, we’re no different from anyone else this time of year; last minute costume shopping; getting big bags of candy at half price, stocking up on toilet paper and eggs while searching online for directions to Wayne Manor, the Fortress of Solitude and Themyscira… Stuff like that.

But just a reminder that beginning this today, DC fans can count on an extra treat in their books with the first two pages of Svengoolie Meets the DC Universe. Co-written by DC’s Dan DiDio and MeTV’s late-night horror show icon Svengoolie, this bonus story, featuring a who’s-who of DC super-heroes, villains and an army of homicidal rubber chickens must be seen to be believed!

Pages one and two will appear in all DC periodicals (excluding DC kids titles and DC “Black Label” titles) Wednesday, with two additional pages appearing in the same titles hitting comic book stores and online retailers on November 6, 13 and the thrilling conclusion on November 20, for a total of eight pages.

Svengoolie has been a beloved TV staple since the 1970’s, putting a humorous spin on classic science fiction and horror films from Hollywood history. Since 1979, Rich Koz, a.k.a. Svengoolie has entertained legions of sci-fi and horror fans with comedy sketches, jokes and song parodies; the show has become a highlight of MeTV’s line-up, airing Saturday nights at 8PM/7C.

So if you’ve ever been up late on a Saturday night watching Svengoolie and thought to yourself, “Man, I wonder what it would be like if Svengoolie needed Wonder Woman’s help to get out of a jam,” no need to wonder, you’ll find the answers in participating DC comics in October and November as Svengoolie Meets the DC Universe!

Happy Halloween, and take it easy on the candy corn this year, ok? 

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