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Who Will Be DC Super Hero Girls' Hero of the Year?

Who Will Be DC Super Hero Girls' Hero of the Year?

By Amy Ratcliffe Friday, August 26th, 2016

Super Hero High is a place of superlatives. Darn near every attendee of the school featured in DC Super Hero Girls is the best or fastest or some sort of "est" at some sort of skill. It's the kind of school that keeps you on your toes. If you were classmates with the likes of Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and Batgirl, wouldn't you feel more inclined to push yourself? Healthy competitive spirit keeps you in a driven state of mind, and the students at Super Hero High are racing neck and neck to win the ultimate prize in DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year.

Released on DVD this week, the first full-length DC Super Hero Girls movie focuses on the annual Hero of the Year prize awarded at the school. It doesn't matter who has taken home Hero of the Month accolades from Principal Amanda Waller in the past; this is a fresh slate. There are clear frontrunners, of course—or are there? Wonder Woman's mother is convinced her daughter will claim the trophy, Supergirl's skills are shining bright, and Batgirl's intelligence and know-how make her a serious contender. But while the school and the girls at the center of the series are focused on the big event, an evil force causes problems, which is what evil forces usually do.

Dark Opal of Gemworld targets Super Hero High and specific students for nefarious purposes—he's a villain, so it's not exactly a spoiler to call his goals nefarious. What would be a spoiler is to reveal the identity of the person Opal is working with, so we'll keep that a secret. Just know that his partner's master plan means bad news for the entire world and it's up to Wonder Woman, Bumblebee, Supergirl and company to save the day, the planet and the entire universe. No pressure, right?

In addition to focusing on the resourcefulness and might of Super Hero High's students, Hero of the Year features all sorts of cameos and nods fans of DC Comics will notice and appreciate. The longer format of a movie means more characters get face time—characters such as Hawkgirl and the recently enrolled Big Barda (she's turning over a new leaf). And as a pretty nifty bonus, the DVD includes seven animated shorts about the school and its super-powered attendees. Consider them a bit of extra credit when it comes to your DC Super Hero Girls viewing.

Assuming the students stop Dark Opal, who's your pick for Hero of the Year? Tell us in the comments.