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DC Super Hero Girls Fans Get Their Dance On

DC Super Hero Girls Fans Get Their Dance On

By Amy Ratcliffe Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

DC Super Hero Girls has one of the catchiest theme songs this side of Central City. Each episode of the webseries opens with the uplifting and upbeat "Get Your Cape On." It puts the emphasis on positivity and trusting in your friends. In case you haven't heard the entire tune:

The chipper music is definitely an earworm, but it's caught on in other ways. Some talented dance groups have been inspired by the lyrics of the song and the series, and they've choreographed high-energy routines to accompany the empowering theme song.

As far as we're concerned, these dancers are all prime candidates to attend Super Hero High. Being so coordinated and so in sync is sort of like having super powers. These are a few of the routines we've seen. Warning: They may make you feel like getting up and busting a move, even if you're at your desk in the middle of the office.

Suga N Spice Crew knows the power of friendship and was inspired by the message of DC Super Hero Girls. They put together an elaborate dance video focusing on friendship and featuring a visit to Hi De Ho Comics and costumes based on those worn by the characters in the cartoon.

Matt Steffanina choreographed this group of costumed gals after seeing the positive themes of the web series. Do you think he could he give us lessons?

Dance parties might not always make things better, but they certainly don't hurt. Dancer Taylor Hatala worked with some friends to create a moving video about transforming and being your best self. We feel all warm and fuzzy after watching this one.

Have you seen other dance routines choreographed to "Get Your Cape On?" Leave us links in the comments! And don't forget: Season two of DC Super Hero Girls has arrived. You can watch the premiere on the DC Super Hero Girls website.