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DC All Access: Wandering Around WonderCon

DC All Access: Wandering Around WonderCon

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

Badges? You don’t need no stinking badges! Not if you watch DC All Access!

Yes, this week’s new episode comes to you straight from WonderCon, where Tiffany and Blair spent the weekend in pursuit of comics, toys and the best cosplayers SoCal has to offer. (Oh, and parking. Parking can be a real headache around Anaheim.) But don’t worry, we still had plenty of time to bring you all the latest from the world of DC Entertainment.

Up first, we give you a look at the trailer for the new mobile multiplayer edition of Injustice: Gods Among Us. Then we talk to the man himself, Mr. Dan DiDio, about some of our upcoming books before moving on to the wacked-out world of the Teen Titans Go! season finale (puppets!!!). Plus, we have some fun with some of the DC Comics fans at WonderCon and give you your final chance to enter to win a trip to San Diego Comic-Con!

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Were the Titans always this furry? Check out the latest Teen Titans Go! clip:

Can you unravel the mysteries in this Futures End image?

Blair challenges Smosh Games’ Jovenshire to Injustice:

We ask one notable cosplayer why she dresses up in this All Access bonus clip:

Quizplay Giveaways:

'66 Catwoman:

18" Arkham Origins Batman:

Beanie and Baseball Cap:

Batman Converse:

Pop Batman set:

Tiffany's Poison Ivy top by BlackMilk:

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