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DC All Access: Catwoman vs. Green Arrow

DC All Access: Catwoman vs. Green Arrow

By DCE Editorial Friday, July 6th, 2018

Welcome to “Versus,” a weekly live segment in which DC All Access attempts to answer the question that has haunted fans since the beginning of comic books: “Who would win?”

What hurts worse, a broken heart…or a broken nose? It’s possible Selina Kyle will be pondering this very question after today’s “Versus Live!” segment, which pits our runaway bride against the always straight-shooting Green Arrow. Pajiba’s Joelle Monique drops in to make the case for Catwoman, while Geek & Sundry’s Becca Scott throws down for her boy, Green Arrow. Selina knows everything there is about stealing, so will she run off with the win? Or will she recover from Cupid’s arrow just to get hit by one from Ollie? Watch the debate (it’s a fun one, y’all) and be sure to let us know who you think would win in the poll below.

Don’t forget to watch till the end for the results of last week’s battle between Booster Gold and Blue Beetle!

Voting results will be tallied at 9:59 a.m. PST on Thursday, July 12th. To make sure they’re counted, get your votes in prior to then!

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