The Vertigo Lounge Ep. 4: True Tales of Adventure

The Vertigo Lounge Ep. 4: True Tales of Adventure

By DCE Editorial Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

Prepare to expand your horizons with The Vertigo Lounge, a provocative new podcast from the team behind your favorite comics and graphic novels! ​The Vertigo Lounge returns with an all new episode.

Caution:  This episode contains strong and frank discussions of violence.  Listener discretion is advised.

Paul Dini joins Jamie S. Rich and Ellie Pyle in the Vertigo Lounge.  Dini, one of the legends behind BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES takes us into the story of his new orginal graphic novel.  It’s called DARK NIGHT: A TRUE BATMAN STORY and it deals with a brutal attack he endured, the emotional journey it provoked and the superheroes and supervillains he met along the way.

Continuing with the theme of True Life Tales, Molly Mahan gets on the phone with SHERIFF OF BABYLON (and newly minted BATMAN writer) Tom King to talk about his experiences as a CIA operative.  Lastly, RED THORN writer joins us from the UK with a true tale that’s sure to cut you to the quick.  Literally!

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