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Convergence Fight of the Week: The Question vs. Two-Face

Convergence Fight of the Week: The Question vs. Two-Face

By Tim Beedle Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

In a city as crowded as Gotham, it's hard for any face to stand out. But something tells us that isn't a problem for the two combatants in this week's featured fight.

Hero against hero. City against city. With their very existence on the line, you know the heroes and villains of Convergence are going to fight hard to survive, no matter who stands in their way. With years of comic book history between them, it’s a fair bet that some of these fights are going to be ones for the ages and you’re not going to want to miss them. Because when the domes go down and the lights go up, there’s just one certainty—only one city will survive.


This week’s fight of the week is between two people with a lot of history: former police detective Renee Montoya and the infamous Gotham City crime lord Two-Face. Taking place in the pages of Greg Rucka and Cully Hamner’s CONVERGENCE: THE QUESTION #1, this fight builds off of the dark, complex history shared between the two characters, which stems all the way back to Rucka’s GOTHAM CENTRAL.

Now keeping streets safe as the faceless, fedora-clad vigilante known as the Question, Montoya confronts a tormented Two-Face at the moment the dome surrounding their city falls. As much a battle of wills as it is a fight, it’s a gripping sequence that really hits home for fans of the Pre-Flashpoint Question.

Let’s look at the combatants!

The Question (Renee Montoya)

A disgraced former police detective, Renee Montoya had little to live for before she became the street-smart vigilante known as the Question. Fighting enemies both human and supernatural alike, Montoya ultimately found herself cursed with the Mark of Cain—a cross-shaped emblem that causes anyone who sets eyes on it to see her as sin incarnate. The Question is a skilled, capable fighter, but possesses no real super-powers.

Two-Face (Harvey Dent)

Every Batman fan knows the story. A former District Attorney who was hideously scarred by acid, Harvey Dent adopted the persona of Two-Face, a chance-obsessed crime lord who controls much of Gotham’s underworld. Harboring a dark obsession with Renee Montoya that led to her personal and professional ruin, there’s no telling what Dent may do if he discovered Montoya was the Question. Two-Face is strong, but like the Question, holds no superhuman abilities.

Who Will Win?

Vote for your pick below, then be sure to read Convergence: The Question #1 to see who emerges victorious!