Vertigo Week-In-Review: March 30

Vertigo Week-In-Review: March 30

By dce_publisher Friday, March 30th, 2012

If you’re no longer living, it was a very good week for you here at Vertigo. Wednesday saw the release of THE NEW DEADWARDIANS #1, our new vampire/zombie series set in post-Victorian England and written and drawn by the creative team of Dan Abnett and I.N.J. Culbard. As a result, the website was crawling with all things undead (try not to get nervous, they can smell fear) along with the very much alive Will Dennis.


Here’s what happened this week on…


We started things off by giving you a look at the original project pitch, which actually begins with the writer apologizing for what he’s about the pitch. We wouldn’t usually recommend this approach. Except, of course, when it works.


Later, Will showed us Cliff Chiang’s variant cover to The New Deadwardians #1, and told us why we should all go out and Google Aubrey Beardsley. But please, wait until you’ve finished reading our Week-In-Review.


We then gave you a look at an early sketch of the series protagonist, as Will explained how The New Deadwardians was unusual for arriving on his desk with an artist attached. No, we don’t mean that literally.


Finally, we wrapped things up with a look at what's to come. If you've read the first issue, you know that The New Deadwardians is a fresh take on zombies and vampires. Even if the zombies and vampires smell a little...less than fresh.


Next week, we return once again to the world of the living (but not necessarily human). See you then!