Tuesday Tonic with editor Shelly Bond and writer Mike Carey

Tuesday Tonic with editor Shelly Bond and writer Mike Carey

By Pamela Mullin Horvath Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Today’s Tuesday Tonic is all about The Unwritten’s magnificent Mike Carey:

What was your favorite book as a kid?
The Faraway Tree, by Enid Blyton, and its several sequels.  First fantasy I ever read, and the start of a lifelong addiction.  The start of my career, too, I guess.

If you could meet a famous dead person who would it be?  What would you ask him/her?
Hmm.  Maybe Shakespeare.  It would be cool to find out who he really was. And I'd ask him "why the second-best bed?"

Name 3 reasons why people need to meet your protagonist Tom Taylor:
Because he's two protagonists for the price of one - a real one and a fictional one.  Because he's about to do an Orpheus and go down into the land of the dead to rescue his girlfriend.  And because he's finally going to come face-to-face with - how can I put this? - the nastiest rabbit in the whole of creation.

You're nominated for an Eisner Award for Best Writer this year.  Any second-date jitters considering your first Eisner nod was for the much-missed LUCIFER series?
Nope.  I'm just hoping Yuko wins for best covers.  If she doesn't, there's no justice in this world.

What book are you reading now and do you read on paper or plastic?
Stop the Train - on paper.  I tried the Kindle, but I need my books to have a smell and a texture as well as words.  I know, I know, it's a generational thing.

THE UNWRITTEN #38 is in stores on June 20.

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