THE UNWRITTEN-Tuesday Tonic with editor Shelly Bond

THE UNWRITTEN-Tuesday Tonic with editor Shelly Bond

By Pamela Mullin Horvath Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Dear Mike and Peter,

Hey, Guys!  Remember me...the person who steered you to stardom in the late ‘90s? Does The Morningstar/Lightbringer/Looks great in Black Tie ring a bell?  Just wanted to tell you both that I got my hands on a copy of THE UNWRITTEN #37 and upon reading it, I had to immediately reach out to both of you to ask you this:

Who ARE You?

(just kidding)

What I really want to ask you is this:


Sure I was around when you guys launched THE UNWRITTEN and I even read the first few issues...but then, well, to be honest, I got kinda busy.  I've edited lots of other VERTIGO titles since our little 75-issue stint on LUCIFER, the longest running title that spun out of the pages of THE SANDMAN.  No hard feelings when you dumped me for a newer editing model when THE UNWRITTEN launched 3 tears/I mean years ago.

THE UNWRITTEN # 37.  But don't let the number fool you.  It has the guts and the glory of a certified number one.  So it's going to be a serious hit with new and loyal readers alike.

The Neo Set will get a brief, insightful recap by way of the media pages and a new protagonist named Didge, an Australian cop who walks the talk --  especially when it comes to the wrong end of a shotgun.  She takes all the punches to infiltrate a cult a la the Jonestown Massacre. Only these Church of Tommy crackpots use a lexicon that includes all the books that made you who you are as the Kool aid.

Your loyal readers get some unexpected things too with this new direction. They'll find out if a certain vampire sidekick is really infected or if he's faking it.  And the solemn promise that Tom Taylor will neither whine nor cry, pout or pontificate over the death of his girlfriend, Lizzie, or over anything at all for that matter. He might not even BE in this series anymore, about that?!

But I digress...

What I really want to ask you is this:
How did you get my number?

THE UNWRITTEN #37 is teeming with the requisite goods that you'd expect from an Eisner-nominated writer and an amazing artist:  swift, engaging prose, artful pages with gripping linework, lush, painterly color, and covers by an Eisner nominee who exhibits more sound and vision than a symphony.

Make no mistake:  It all starts here.

The Unwritten #37:  The Wound part one is in stores Wednesday, May 23.

p.s.  For what it's worth, I was particularly taken with the change in editorial direction.

But that's just me...
Shelly Bond