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Ten Moments that Mattered: Vertigo Debuts Twelve New Comics

Ten Moments that Mattered: Vertigo Debuts Twelve New Comics

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

The holidays are upon us and another year is in the books. But before we move on to the excitement of next year, we wanted to take some time to look back at 2015 and to reminisce about a few of the great things it brought to the world of DC Entertainment. Whether it was a remarkable development inside one of our comics, a cool, game-changing twist that played out on the screen, or a real-life change that will impact the comics, movies, TV shows, toys and games that you’ll be seeing from us in the future, this year had no shortage of moments that stood out. However, some resonated more than others. Some really stood out. These are’s “Ten Moments that Mattered” for 2015.


Vertigo, the mature-readers imprint from DC Comics, had a pretty big year with the conclusion of Fables and the end of The Sandman: Overture. However, while those events were about saying goodbye to a part of Vertigo’s storied past, it was the imprint’s future that caught our attention as the year wound down.

Kicking off the first week of October, Vertigo debuted one brand new series or miniseries every week for twelve weeks. You wanted a reason to continue paying attention to Vertigo? Try a dozen of them. There’s the modern fantasy, Red Thorn. The urban horror tale, Survivors’ Club. The of-the-moment suspense thriller, Unfollow. The punk rock crime caper, Last Gang in Town. The supernatural rom-com (yes, rom-com!), New Romancer. You even got a twisted take on a super hero comic in Jacked.

Yes, the offerings are diverse, but it’s the creative teams that proved to be the real attention grabber. Gail Simone penning the twisted, psychological horror of Clean Room? Tom King entering the world of creator-owned comics with The Sheriff of Babylon, a military crime noir inspired by his time in the CIA? Mike Allred returning to Vertigo to draw the art-meets-life hijinks of Art Ops? Gilbert Hernandez and Darwyn Cooke uniting for the mysterious Twilight Children? Bestselling novelist Holly Black entering the comics world with a new take on Lucifer? Any one of those would be noteworthy. The fact that we got word of them all at once was reason for celebration for fans of Vertigo’s sophisticated style of storytelling and certainly bodes well for the new Burbank-based Vertigo editorial team’s ability to entice and surprise us going forward.

Will any of these have the sort of enduring popularity of The Sandman or Fables? Time will tell. But it’s nice to know that even after a dozen years, Vertigo still has the ability to make us dizzy with excitement.

Be sure to check again tomorrow for another moment that mattered in 2015.