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San Diego Comic-Con: A Handful of Hashtags and One Helpful App

San Diego Comic-Con: A Handful of Hashtags and One Helpful...

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

San Diego Comic-Con always brings its fair share of surprises, but if there’s one thing that we know for certain, it’s that people are going to be talking about it all weekend. They’ll be posting updates and photos from the floor on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and pretty much every social media site known to human and alienkind alike. However, if you’re worrying about being heard over all of the ruckus when tweeting about the Batman 75th Anniversary panel or Instagramming the new Jim Lee sketch you managed to snag, worry no more.

As we have in the past, we’ll be including fan tweets and posts in our SDCC coverage and we’d love to include ones from you. All you’ll need to do is use one of the below hashtags…


Think of this as your go-to hashtag this weekend when it comes to all things DC. If you see an amazing Harley Quinn cosplayer, you’re posting a photo of the Batman cowls on display in the DC Entertainment booth or you’re uploading a Vine of you riding down the Gotham zip line, if you include the #DCSDCC hashtag, you may just see it show up in our daily Comic-Con roundup.


Surely you’re familiar with our weekly webseries devoted to bringing you the latest from the world of DC Entertainment. Well, Tiffany, Blair and the DC All Access crew will be in San Diego covering the show all weekend long. If you happen to catch them on the floor or if you’re watching from home and have a question or comment about one of their latest clips (look for new ones all throughout the weekend), be sure to tag it with the #DCAllAccess hashtag.


Speaking of DC All Access, they’ll be keeping quite busy this weekend interviewing some of the amazing writers, artists, actors, producers and other talented folks responsible for your favorite DC comics, TV shows, movies and games. You may occasionally see calls from us on Twitter asking for fan questions for these interviews. If you have one you’d like to submit, be sure to tag it with #AskDCComics. We’ll be checking that hashtag prior to shooting the interview, and if we happen to use your question, we’ll credit you in the clip!


With 2014 also serving as Batman’s 75th Anniversary, you can expect the Dark Knight to be a huge presence all throughout San Diego. Between a series of special anniversary panels, a Batman-themed DC Entertainment booth, the Cape/Cowl/Create art show, the World Premieres of Gotham and Batman: Assault on Arkham and much more, there will be quite a bit to discuss if you’re a Batman fan, and #Batman75 is the hashtag to use when doing it. Feel free to use it while celebrating Batman Day this weekend as well!


Speaking of Batman Day, you may have heard that many of the participating retailers will be offering special anniversary Batman masks. Representing four distinct eras in Dark Knight history, these cowls are pretty much tailor made for selfies. Grab a mask, a phone and maybe a few friends and tweet or post a #BatSelfie! We’ll be gathering up the best of them for a special Batman Day blog post that will continue to update throughout the  weekend. Just remember to use this hashtag after you get your smile on. (Or your scowl…this is Batman, after all.)

The DC Entertainment Events App

Of course, being heard is only one of the challenges SDCC attendees will be facing this weekend. There’s also the question of how to stay on top of all of the panels, signings and other DC Entertainment events taking place over the four and a half days. For that, we suggest the DC Entertainment Events app.

We introduced the app last year and since then DC fans have been using it to keep up on all of our convention shenanigans. Our panels and signings are all listed and can easily be viewed with the “Events” tab. You can select the ones you’re interested in and create your own custom schedule. Waiting in line or spending the weekend at home? Well, that’s the perfect time to check in on what the fans are saying through the app’s “Buzz” feature. Want to take a more active role and contribute to the conversation? Just make sure you’re tagging your tweets with the #DCSDCC hashtag and you just might see them on the app.

You can download the DC Entertainment Events App through iTunes and the Google Play Store.

Of course, if you’re not going to San Diego Comic-Con, we’ll be bringing the show to you right here on Look for special SDCC-related features, updates and photos from the floor, exclusive DC All Access clips and more. The fun starts tomorrow!