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Preview Monday: CATWOMAN #36 and DEAD BOY DETECTIVES #11

Preview Monday: CATWOMAN #36 and DEAD BOY DETECTIVES #11

By Clark Bull Monday, November 24th, 2014

Welcome back for another installment of Preview Monday! This week, we’re giving you exclusive first looks at CATWOMAN #36 and DEAD BOY DETECTIVES #11.

First, in CATWOMAN #36, “Family Business” continues as Selina struggles to maintain her role as the leader of Gotham City’s crime families. Can she keep the Riley’s, the Falcone’s, the Sons of Forster Lane, and even her own Calabrese’s in line when there’s no way she’s letting guns or drugs onto the streets she’s trying to clean up? And what will Selina do when… Catwoman attacks?  Written by Genevieve Valentine and illustrated by Garry Brown, CATWOMAN #36 is on sale this Wednesday.

Then, the “Ghost Snow” storyline concludes with a final chapter, “Drifts,” in DEAD BOY DETECTIVES #11. There’s nothing as satisfying as solving a difficult case – and the case of the Ballerina’s Tutu has been a headscratcher for Crystal, Charles and Edwin. Now it’s time to gather everyone and announce the solution. But what if the truth may hurt – even destroy? And even though Crystal and the boys are ready for home, home may not be ready for them. And will the Dead Boy Detectives be able to steal Hana’s body back for her? Look for DEAD BOY DETECTIVES #11, written by Toby Litt and illustrated by Mark Buckingham and Ryan Kelly, when it hits shelves on Wednesday.