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Preview Monday: Astro City #42!

Preview Monday: Astro City #42!

By Nicole Valdez Monday, March 6th, 2017

Welcome back for another installment of Preview Monday. This week, we bring you an exclusive look at ASTRO CITY #42!

In this week’s issue of ASTRO CITY #42, the villain known as Mister Manta disappeared many years ago, lost at sea after a battle. What the world didn’t realize is that he survived, marooned onto an island with nothing but the broken down tech that he created when he first rose to power.

After years of strategizing and attempting to restore his equipment with nothing but the debris that washes ashore, Mister Manta is almost ready to return to the mainland, to his glory days. Then, a cruise ship steers off course and in his direction. Is it the chance he’s been waiting for? Will this be his return debut? Find out more in this week’s issue of ASTRO CITY #42 from writer Kurt Busiek and guest artist Matthew Clark.