Jeff Lemire Talks TRILLIUM #1

Jeff Lemire Talks TRILLIUM #1

By Pamela Mullin Horvath Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Jeff Lemire brings his talent to the new sci-fi love story TRILLIUM.  

BLASTR gave us the exclusive first look inside the comic book, where we learn a bit about Nika and William and the reader decides which character’s story to begin with.

Lemire is not just the writer, he’s also the artist.

In an interview about this first issue, Lemire told GAMMA SQUAD how the flip-book concept came to be.  “It kind of was there from the beginning. . . . It just seemed natural for the story, juxtaposing two stories, especially in the first issue.”

Lemire continued discussing the unique layout of the comic book with MTV GEEK  saying, “As I got into writing the script, I just started to see there was really interesting things I could do to create a symmetry between the two stories.”

For more from Lemire about writing TRILLIUM #1 and a hint at what’s next for these star crossed souls, check out the full interviews and coverage that ran this week on NEWSARAMA, MTV GEEK, GAMMA SQUAD, NERDIST, KOTAKU and TOR.COM.

If you haven’t aready picked up a copy, TRILLIUM #1 is in stores now.