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iZombie: A Week to Sink Your Teeth Into

iZombie: A Week to Sink Your Teeth Into

By Tim Beedle Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

Over the next week, things around here will be awfully dead. And trust us, you’re going to love it.

Let’s face it, if you got rid of the whole shambling, rotting, flesh-eating monster thing, being a zombie would actually be pretty cool. You’re no longer alive, so you don’t have to worry about getting hurt or sick. You can eat whatever you want. Calories, cholesterol and high blood pressure really don’t matter all that much since your heart’s not beating anyway. You can swim without having to come up for air, visit outer space without a spacesuit, live where rent is really cheap…like Chernobyl. And since you’re technically dead, taxes are a non-issue. Isn’t that worth having to suck down the occasional brain every now and then?

Of course, there is the question of where to get those brains. You’d need to work in a morgue or cemetery. Somewhere you’d have access to fresh corpses. There’s also the issue of side effects. Memories are tricky things, and you never know what crazy moments you may ingest with that gray matter.  Plus, what about all of the other zombies in the world? There are only so many mortuary jobs to go around, so where does the rest of zombiekind get their brains?

These are the waters in which iZombie treads. Debuting on March 17th on The CW, iZombie is based on the Vertigo comic book of the same name and arrives courtesy of Co-Developers and Executive Producers Rob Thomas and Diana Ruggiero-Wright, the creators of Veronica Mars. A mashup of the comedy, horror, mystery, romance and procedural genres, iZombie is unlike anything you’ve seen on TV before. It’s a unique take on the zombie mythos that boasts a very likable cast and a writing team that never ceases to amaze. We suspect that you’re going to love it—even if you’re strictly super heroes when it comes to your comics.

So to help give you a sense of what iZombie is about, and to just celebrate our love of zombies in general, we’re having a week of the undead on and Between now and March 17th, we’ll be publishing a series of iZombie-themed articles and videos, including unique interviews with the cast, a look at a few other zombie mashup comics, a countdown of DC Comics’ best undead characters and a special look at the acclaimed iZombie comic book on which the show is based. It all kicks off tomorrow, so stop by and feed your brain. You never know when someone may need it.

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