From the Editor's Desk: Transmission

From the Editor's Desk: Transmission

By DCE Editorial Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Last year, Vertigo started doing anthologies again (STRANGE ADVENTURES & THE UNEXPECTED) and we’re all having a blast putting them together. Ok, that’s not entirely true. Frankly, they’re a pain in the butt because there’s so many moving parts...eight different writers, artists, colorists and letterers working for six different editors. Yikes! But they’re still the best place to debut new talent and also reconnect with some of our long-time collaborators. We try hard to find a mix of both so that you, the reader, will be willing to give it a try. All old guard names and it’s “been there, done that.” But all newbies and it’s too easy to say “never heard of them, pass.” So it’s about finding a balance that will appeal. This spring, we’ve got a cool line-up for MYSTERY IN SPACE and I have a story from two totally new names (Steve Orlando & Francesco Trifogli about sexy space centaurs) and a story by a couple of my all-time favorite...Andy Diggle (of LOSERS fame!) and artist Davide Gianfelice (best known for his beautiful run on NORTHLANDERS). The story is called “Transmission” and you can look for the finished book in May.


Oh, and you HAVE to say it “MYSTERY IN SPAAAAAAAAACE!!!” That’s a must.


Intergalactic peace and hair grease,

Will Dennis