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First Look: Cain's Final Stand

First Look: Cain's Final Stand

By Tim Beedle Monday, October 2nd, 2017

It’s a standoff years in the making as former childhood killers Cain and Abel square off in this exclusive first look at the final issue of SAVAGE THINGS.

Cain and Abel were products of a top-secret program that never should have existed. Trained to be child killers, the pair left the vile Black Forest initiative and followed two very different paths. Over the past seven issues of Justin Jordan and Ibrahim Moustafa’s taut Vertigo thriller, Cain has sowed the seeds of destruction all throughout New York…but the bloody road ends at a quiet Swiss chalet where a seemingly kindly old man relaxes.

But this picture of idyllic solitude isn’t what it seems. The old man is Martin Koenig, the ruthless doctor behind Black Forest. And the peace and quiet is about to end as Cain closes in on him with Abel and Kira in violent pursuit in this preview of the final issue of SAVAGE THINGS. Don’t ever let your guard down…and trust no one.


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SAVAGE THINGS #8 by Justin Jordan, Ibrahim Moustafa and Jordan Boyd is in stores this Wednesday.