FABLES VOL. 18: CUBS IN TOYLAND Debuts at #1 on THE NEW YORK TIMES’ Paperback Graphic Books Best Seller List

FABLES VOL. 18: CUBS IN TOYLAND Debuts at #1 on THE NEW...

By Pamela Mullin Horvath Friday, February 1st, 2013

Earlier today, THE NEW YORK TIMES published their Graphic Book Best Seller Lists and debuting at #1 on the Paperback list was the latest volume of FABLES, FABLES VOL.18: CUBS IN TOYLAND.


For over ten years, FABLES has captured the hearts and imaginations of readers everywhere with its ever-expanding magical universe created by writer Bill Willingham. Now, the magic continues with the latest FABLES volume to become a New York Times Bestseller, written by Willingham and illustrated by Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha and Gene Ha.


In FABLES VOL.18: CUBS IN TOYLAND, a harrowing epic begins when Snow White and Bigby Wolf’s cub Therese receives a Christmas gift from an unknown admirer. Little does she know, this gift may hold the key to a deep, disturbing secret about Toyland that will incite a series of soul-crushing events for the denizens of Fabletown.


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