Editor Will Dennis talks about THE ARTIST FORMERLY KNOWN AS ________

Editor Will Dennis talks about THE ARTIST FORMERLY KNOWN AS...

By Pamela Mullin Horvath Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Most series I’ve developed over the years at Vertigo don’t come with an artist attached. Vertigo has always been a writer-driven imprint so usually the writer and editor will get the idea polished to the point that it’s a “go” and then start trying to find the right person to draw it. But that was not the case with THE NEW DEADWARDIANS...
When Dan Abnett sent me his apologetic pitch (see Tuesday’s blog post!), he said there was already an artist attached to it. He said his name was I.N.J. CULBARD and described him as the bastard son of Herge, the artist of TINTIN. I’m ashamed to say I’d never heard of I.N.J....especially since the TINTIN connection would be close to my heart as everyone is always making fun of me for looking like TINTIN (or more like his dad!).
Anyway, after I saw his samples I was totally sold. I.N.J. is a fantastic artist and a super cool guy. We’ve had long talks about our mutual interests and about having kids obsessed with STAR WARS. I’m glad Dan brought him on board.
Check out THE NEW DEADWARDIANS #1 that’s on sale now and see the below original sketch of our detective – then called DEKAY, now called GEORGE SUTTLE.

And no, I.N.J. is not his real first name. His real name is ________.
Will Dennis