Editor Will Dennis and THE BIG BUNNY

Editor Will Dennis and THE BIG BUNNY

By Pamela Mullin Horvath Thursday, May 10th, 2012


Awhile back, we blogged about RYAN KELLY’S covers for SAUCER COUNTRY and how a bunch of them came out of his initial concept sketches. But issue #3 is a totally different beast...literally.

Sometimes you never know what a cover artist will react to in a script...what will inspire them to come up with an arresting image that will make a cool cover. In the case of SAUCER COUNTRY #3, it was BUNNIES. Yeah...not the most “Vertigo” thing ever to grace a cover, but who doesn’t love bunnies? Ryan wasn’t totally sure it would work but I thought it would cus it was just not what people would expect...and used my pink camo boxer shorts as an example. For those who don’t know the story: years ago, Jock had done a cover of THE LOSERS for me using camo as the background and we were all a little under-whelmed by it (no pun intended!). But then I suggested why not use PINK as I owned a pair of pink camo boxer shorts at the time. I sent him a jpeg of my shorts (no...I wasn’t sexting Jock) and the rest is history.

So hopefully this bunny will be Ryan’s pink camo boxer shorts cover. Check it out in-stores May 16th!