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Announcing The Sandman Digital Comic Sale

Announcing The Sandman Digital Comic Sale

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

If you’ve spent much time in your local comic book shop this month (or certainly if you’ve visited us here at, then you’ve likely heard a lot about The Sandman. Debuting in 1988, The Sandman is Neil Gaiman’s groundbreaking fantasy comic that for 75 issues and 25 years has drawn critical acclaim and new comic book readers, while influencing an entire generation of comic book writers and artists. By all measurements and standards, it’s a must-read. Especially with the debut of the eagerly awaited The Sandman: Overture #1 just a few days away.

But what if you’ve never read it? What if you’re yet to experience the world of Dream and the rest of the Endless? What’s the best way to get caught up?

Well, you may just want to take advantage of The Sandman Sale starting today in the DC Comics Digital Store. The seven-day sale includes every issue of the original series, plus many of the equally acclaimed “The Sandman Presents” minis featuring various characters from the series and both of the beloved Death tales written by Gaiman, “The High Cost of Living” and “The Time of Your Life.”

Over a hundred great Sandman comics for 99-cents each. It may take you “25 Days of Sandman” just get through them all!