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First Look: Superman...Ruler of Apokolips?

First Look: Superman...Ruler of Apokolips?

By Tim Beedle Monday, December 4th, 2017

Darkseid is missing and the firepits of Apokolips have gone dark. So, as the armies of Kalibak and Granny Goodness fight for control, a new plan emerges in this preview of SUPERMAN #36.

Superman is an inspiration to all of us. He brings hope to the world and serves as a continual reminder of what we can accomplish.

No ever said that inspiration was exclusive to Earth.

In SUPERMAN #36, the Man of Steel and his family find themselves caught up in a brutal battle between the forces of Granny Goodness and Kalibak after the powerful-but-not-very-bright son of Darkseid extinguishes the famous firepits of Apokolips, leaving the entire planet cold, dark and on the brink of chaos. Lured to Apokolips against his will by Lex Luthor, Superman just wanted to find his family. However, it’s looking increasingly like the New Gods of Apokolips won’t let him leave. After all, with Darkseid gone, Apokolips needs a leader, and, well, you can’t say that people won’t follow someone like Superman.

Superman…the ruler of Apokolips? Could it actually happen? With the Man of Steel becoming increasingly disillusioned by mankind (if you’re reading ACTION COMICS, you know what I’m talking about), maybe he’s ready to start anew on a planet that literally couldn’t get any worse than it currently is. Check out our exclusive preview and tell us what you think.


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SUPERMAN #36 by Patrick Gleason, Peter J. Tomasi, Doug Mahnke, Jaime Mendoza and Wil Quintana is in stores this Wednesday.