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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: The Trouble with Totems

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: The Trouble with Totems

By Meg Downey Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

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Welcome back, Legends fans! We’re three weeks and three episodes into season three. Time really does fly, even if it’s completely broken and full of anachronisms, huh? This week is a pretty big one—not only did we get our first look at Kuasa in action, but we got to meet a new potential crewmember for the first time and she’s kind of a doozy.

So in honor of her arrival, let’s kick off this week with a deep dive #DCTV Secret! Zari Tomaz is loosely based on Adrianna Tomaz of comic book fame. A fixture of the Shazam! corner of the DC Universe, Adrianna was the holder of the magical Amulet of Isis which allowed her to be imbued with the power of the ancient Egyptian goddess herself.

Zari’s amulet on the show might not be quite as powerful, but as we’ve already seen, it certainly packs a punch.

And you know how Zari told the Legends a story about her brother? Adrianna has a brother in the comics too! Amon Tomaz was also a mythologically powered hero for quite some time before he...well...I won’t spoil it for you. If you want to learn more about Adrianna and Amon, I’d highly recommend taking a look at 52, the weekly event that ran from 2005 to 2006. It’s a great place to start if you want to take a closer look at Zari’s inspiration, and the perfect place to learn more about some of the DCU’s lesser-known characters who could always use a little more love.

Now, back to the issue at hand. Can we talk for a second about this season and totems?

There’s clearly something bigger at play here—the fact that both Zari and Amaya’s mystical amulets are reacting to one another can’t just be some coincidence. And let’s not forget that Kuasa’s got her connection to a water totem as well. There’s definitely something going on here and my first instinct is to believe that it’s not strictly related to time, space or science.

But here’s the problem. If that’s the case, what, exactly, can the Legends hope to do about it? Call me cynical, but something tells me that the success of Nate’s vision quest scheme was a one off. I just don’t think having Gideon synthesize enough hallucinogens for the rest of the crew is really going to solve this one. (Plus, considering some of the trouble these guys have caused while sober, I’m not sure the timeline would survive. No tripping while time traveling, kiddos!)

And of course, what does all this mystical stuff have to do with the Legends breaking time and causing whoever, or whatever, Mallus is?

I don’t necessarily have any more theories to throw out there just yet—I think I exhausted the theory building part of my brain last week—but I do think it’s worth noting that we never got a definitive answer for why A.R.G.U.S. went off the deep end in 2049. I’m not saying it’s directly related, but...maybe it’s indirectly related? Like Ray pointed out, a covert paramilitary organization going decidedly public isn’t something that happens for no reason, just because they felt like it.

Speaking of Ray, how about that teaser for next week? Talk about some appropriately Halloween Time nods. I don’t know what that thing in the sewer was, but, let’s just say, having recently become heavily reacquainted with certain Stephen King stories about child abductions and clowns, I’m not exactly as comfortable as little Ray seemed to be.

...And considering the last time the Legends had to go back in time and heavily interfere with their past selves, Stein ended up with a surprise daughter—a daughter who, lest we forget, is now mysteriously pregnant—I’d say this entire situation warrants some extreme concern.

Ray may be a bit of a doofus every now and again, but he’s our doofus, right? I certainly don’t want to see him eaten (or otherwise maimed) by whatever is lurking in the sewers of Ivy Town.

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