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Download a Free Song From Batman: The Killing Joke

Download a Free Song From Batman: The Killing Joke

By Tim Beedle Thursday, July 28th, 2016

It’s hard to overemphasize how important the score is in a movie like Batman: The Killing Joke. A dark, psychological thriller that looks at the relationship between Batman and the Joker and the startling similarities between the two, it requires a soundtrack that can span from exciting and adrenalized to serious and chilling to something that’s ultimately seen as uplifting.

Fortunately, the movie’s team of composers delivered with a mature-sounding score that helps draw out the often uncomfortable themes in the story while setting the perfect mood for a dark tale of justice. Utilizing three composers—Michael McCuistion, Kristopher Carter and Lolita Ritmanis—the soundtrack seems to have benefitted from their pooled talents, and of course from the vocal talents of Mark Hamill, who’s song as the Joker, “I Go Looney,” is included.


The album is well worth owning for any Batman fan or film score buff, but as a special bonus for DC fans, WaterTower has made the End Credits theme available to download for free. You can stream the full song or download it below.

The original soundtrack to Batman: The Killing Joke is now available digitally and on disc from WaterTower Music, and is also up for streaming on Spotify. Of course, if you still haven’t seen the film, Batman: The Killing Joke will be available on Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow.