DC Super Hero Girls is back! Season two debuts today, and the Super Hero High roster has gained some new faces.

Inspired by Wonder Woman, Supergirl overcame her fears and enrolled in the exciting high school. The Kryptonian hero was introduced in the recent television special on Boomerang and will continue to find her way in the upcoming season. We spoke with the voice behind Supergirl, Anais Fairweather, and she says Supergirl is trying to determine her path.

"Her dynamic is that she really is genuinely learning about herself and learning about the other girls at the school and wanting to take something from all of them,” says Fairweather. “I really believe she wants to learn from each one of them in their own way and become close to them and find her home here because she's so far away from her actual home. I could really feel that sense of her wanting to find her place."

Supergirl obviously has impressive abilities and super powers at her disposal, but it doesn't mean she's invincible. Like the other students at Super Hero High, she's growing up and that comes with its own hurdles and lessons. She has flaws, and she's figuring things out. The characters' human, relatable traits are one aspect about DC Super Hero Girls that makes the series appealing to kids (along with adults, if we're being honest) and so is the friendship between the girls. Fairweather likes how the show emphasizes that.

"I think so much of the time we're seeing women on television being pinned against each other, and it's so wonderful to have this show for young women so that they can see other women supporting each other and building each other up. It's important," she says.

Fairweather also sees the effect of the series firsthand in her personal life. "I have a niece who's four years old and she loves the show,” she explains. “I'm so glad she finally has something that she can connect to. This is one of the first things like this, and it's so, so great for her. I see her running around the house pretending to be Supergirl with the cape on, and she's got her little arm ahead of her and she's flying through the dining room. It makes me feel emotional because I'm just so, so glad that we live in a world where this is happening and she gets to see this and want to embody these girls who are wonderful characters. Any possible chance to empower young women, that's genuinely my goal in life. It feels so good to be a part of this."

As mentioned, Supergirl has a few challenges to wrestle with, but her biggest one doesn't have to do with saving the day or world, it has do with believing in herself. Fairweather thinks that's definitely Supergirl's struggle.

"You see her constantly coming up against herself and questioning herself. Is she powerful enough? Is she ready? Does she have enough training? I think the biggest thing for her is really believing in herself. I so badly want young girls to believe in themselves and to take risks and to not let people stand in their way. It's so important to trust and to know that you can do this. I think a big thing is to call on help and to not be afraid to ask people for help. I think another one of her challenges is to not apologize so much."

You can check out the first episode of the second season of DC Super Hero Girls above, or click here to view it on the website.