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Infinite Crisis: Super Heroes of eSports

Infinite Crisis: Super Heroes of eSports

By DCE Editorial Friday, February 13th, 2015

The Olympics are SO 2014.

This weekend, DC Comics super heroes and super-villains from all over the Multiverse will clash as players compete for a cool $27,500 in prizing in Infinite Crisis, the online, free-to-play DC videogame where some of your favorite super heroes and super-villains team up to duke it out across an interdimensional realm known as The Bleed.

Last season's European final

Over the past three months, teams have competed weekly to qualify for the International Go4 Infinite Crisis Season 2 Finals. It’s been a serious struggle for all teams, but the battle’s nearing its end. This Saturday, the best from Europe will clash with the best from North America live from the ESL studios in Cologne, Germany. With very different play styles coming from each region, fans can expect the matches will be intense. After all, only one team will emerge victorious and claim the title of the top Infinite Crisis team.

In Infinite Crisis, teams are comprised of five players, each controlling a separate super hero or villain, working in concert to destroy the other team’s power core. (You can click here to learn more about the basics.) Early on defenses are strong, but throughout play the competitors gain strength and customize their character—or “champion” as they’re called in Infinite Crisis—in the way they think best. As the battle between heroes and villains rages on, the environment takes a toll. Meteors drop from the sky, cars get thrown around like toys, and buildings get leveled to rubble.

Atomic Joker

Atomic Wonder Woman (one of the first Atomic champions introduced, and still a favorite with fans!)


Will a team of Harley Quinn, Gaslight Batman, Joker Prime, Swamp Thing and Arcane Green Lantern prevail? Or will it be Atomic Joker, Atomic Wonder Woman, Nightmare Batman, Mecha Superman and Zatanna who take the trophy?

Yes, Gaslight Batman and Atomic Wonder Woman. If you didn’t know, Infinite Crisis draws from six different universes. In the Atomic Universe, nuclear war broke out and killed 97% of the population. Atomic Wonder Woman wields a chainsaw and Atomic Joker is a head in a jar riding atop a Gaggy—a scarred voiceless brute riding a unicycle. On Earth-19, the Gaslight Universe, the Victorian era swept the Earth heralding the arrival of powerful technology. Gaslight Batman wields a pair of sonic pistons among other devastating sonic weaponry. Along with the Prime Universe, Infinite Crisis also draws characters from the Arcane, Nightmare and Mecha Universes. With money on the line, who will the professionals choose to play? Which superheroes or supervillains do they think will prevail?

Find out live on February 14th at 9:00 a.m. EST (6:00 a.m. PST) at as teams Dignitas, Epsilon, BrawL, and C battle for $27,500 and the right to call themselves the best Infinite Crisis team. Click here to be taken to a live stream of the event!

Ready to start building a team of your own? Whether you’re looking to compete in a future tournament or just want to have some fun, there’s never been an easier time to start playing. Click here for more information on Infinite Crisis. Or if you’re ready to go, you can click here to start playing for free.