5.2 Reasons to Celebrate the Holidays with Batman: Li'l Gotham

5.2 Reasons to Celebrate the Holidays with Batman: Li'...

By Kevin Mahadeo Thursday, December 20th, 2012

We often hear that a picture is worth a thousand words. As writers, we take some exception to that but even we have to admit that nothing we say can adequately sum up the amazingness of the digital first Batman: Li'l Gotham series than just showing you this:



The cuteness level of that image... That's like right above being covered with kittens and right below the Puppy Bowl. It's so cute and adorable that puppies and rainbows are about to explode out of our heads from the overload.


Each installment of the monthly series by writer/artist Dustin Nguyen and co-author Derek Fridolfs focuses on the major holiday of each month, with a Halloween and Thanksgiving chapter already online and Christmas and New Year's ones to follow.


Although that picture might be worth a thousand words, we'll go ahead and give you a few more (it is the holidays after all!) and breakdown the 5.2 Reasons to Celebrate the Holidays with Batman: Li'l Gotham!


1. Li'l Characters, Big Fun

Batman: Li'l Gotham takes the grim and gritty nature of the Dark Knight and does a complete 180, painting the world of Gotham City and its delightful denizens in a more fun and adorably miniaturized light. From Damian Wayne shouting "It's Crime Time" to Jason grumbling about how no one ever saves him a seat at Thanksgiving, every installment is full of fun adventure and gleefully entertaining dialogue.



2. A Huge Cast

The members of the Bat-Family make appearances (in super cute form, obvs), but the cast of characters that can and do appear doesn't stop there. In the Halloween issue, eagle-eyed readers can catch a number of DC Comics-inspired costumes—including a Darkseid eating donuts and drinking a soda, something we're sure the regular Darkseid does whenever he's not trying to destroy all of creation.



3. Damian is Hilarious

This is less of a reason and more of just a statement of fact.



4. Dustin Nguyen's Art

We've always been a fan of Dustin Nguyen's stylized artwork and the unique tone it brings to the world of the Dark Knight. With Batman: Li'l Gotham, he shrinks down characters like Batman, Robin, the Arkham Inmates and more—but even though they've diminished in size, the art is still just as powerful. Nguyen conveys a level of excitement and emotion that leaps off the page, and he includes fun little details that perfectly capture each character.


5. The Potential Holiday/Villain Combos

As we mentioned, each installment of Batman: Li'l Gotham takes place during a particular holiday. But each installment also centers around one of the Gotham villains—which makes us excited to see the potential combinations. A Joker-themed April Fool's Day? Poison Ivy teaching us the important of Earth Day? Mad Hatter's Easter Adventure? Or even Calendar Man dressed as a Groundhog going crazy and chasing after the other villains for stealing his shtick?


5.1 Christmas is Coming!



5.2 We Reiterate: Crazy Cute