BATMAN AND ROBIN Joins “Death of the Family”

BATMAN AND ROBIN Joins “Death of the Family”

By Alex Nagorski Monday, December 10th, 2012

This winter, The Joker is on the loose and is seeking revenge against the Bat-family in the acclaimed comic book event, “Death of the Family.”


Fans have already seen the beginning of this crossover’s impact on series such as BATMAN, BATGIRL, CATWOMAN, SUICIDE SQUAD, and DETECTIVE COMICS. This week, another title will feel the consequences of the Clown Prince of Crime’s bloody return to Gotham City: BATMAN AND ROBIN #15.


“At this point everybody is out and about dealing with their own kind of private hells with The Joker and Batman is out there looking for Alfred and dealing with the Joker himself,” writer Peter J. Tomasi teased about the issue to MTV GEEK. “At this point in time, Damian has been sequestered to the Cave and Bruce has said, ‘you gotta stay in the cave.’ He’s got a ransom on his head from Talia as we’ve seen in BATMAN, INCORPORATED as well as BATMAN AND ROBIN in the last couple of months. But Damian being Damian decides he can’t just sit idly by and not go out there and look for Alfred. So he takes it upon himself to go looking for him and it points him in a direction that leads him to the Gotham Zoo and the horror that unfolds there with the Joker is pretty intense.”


To read more from Tomasi, check out the full interviews with him that ran this morning on MTV GEEK, IGN, NEWSARAMA, and COMIC VINE. And don’t forget to visit all these outlets for a preview of BATMAN AND ROBIN #15, which flies onto shelves this Wednesday.



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