5.2 Reasons BATMAN: EARTH ONE Rocks

5.2 Reasons BATMAN: EARTH ONE Rocks

By Kevin Mahadeo Thursday, July 5th, 2012

When it comes to "highly anticipated titles" it really doesn't get any highly...ier than BATMAN: EARTH ONE, the original graphic novel by award-winning writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank.

But with the title now out in comic shops and available for digital download, feel free to stop anticipating and instead put a pillow under your face. Because you'll want a cushion for when your jaw drops to the floor!

That horribly cheesy line aside, the beautifully illustrated, brilliantly written graphic novel truly is something worthy of its own BatCave-based trophy case. Why, you theoretically ask? Well, here are 5.2 Reasons Batman: Earth One Rocks!

1. Geoff Johns and Gary Frank
The collaborations between Johns and Frank are like that of Martin Scorsese and Robert DeNiro—whenever they're together, you know it's going to be good. Batman: Earth One aptly fits this analogy and reaches the comparative level of "Casino" and "Goodfellas."

2. Johns Finally Dons the Cape and Cowl
From the Flash and Green Lantern to Superman and even Aquaman (seriously, that feat seemed impossible), Johns manages to bring out the sheer awesomeness of any character. Yet, other than guest appearances and in team titles, he's never actually tackled the Dark Knight—until now.

3. "Why Do We Fall?"
Most of us are used to a Batman leaping across rooftops and kicking the crap out of about 20 thugs at once... while simultaneously making out with Catwoman. Earth One introduces us to a very different Dark Knight, one still early in his career and learning how to get back up again after he falls—literally in some cases.

4. Anything Can and Will Happen
Since we want to keep this spoiler free, we'll keep this one a little vague. But with a whole new world to play in free from the shackles of continuity, Johns and Frank craft a tale filled with great and unexpected twists and turns and that ends with one heck of a bang.

5. A Cinematic Experience
Between the pacing of the story, the clever characterizations, and the beautiful art, Earth One plays out like a Batman origin tale worthy to stand beside the likes of "Batman Begins."

5.1 Ends on a pretty big unanswered question—but one that leaves you salivating for more!

5.2 Alfred. Pennyworth.

Be sure to tell us below what YOU loved or are looking forward to about Batman: Earth One! And be sure to swing on by again next week for another installment of 5.2 Reasons!