From The Editor’s Desk: Wil Moss on SUPERGIRL and DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS

From The Editor’s Desk: Wil Moss on SUPERGIRL and DC...

By DCE Editorial Friday, September 9th, 2011
I dunno how many of you have sisters, but when mine was a teenager, she was, as they say, hell on wheels. Always getting into trouble, always getting into fights (usually more with her friends than with her enemies), always managing to outthink authority figures (be they cops or parents), always hanging with a questionable crowd, always a new piercing or tattoo – just drama at every turn, and usually of her own making. Nowadays she’s a morally upright citizen. She’s got a dog and a cat, a boyfriend and she even just completed jury duty! But back then? Hell. On. Wheels. And that’s a lot like the Kara Zor-El you’ll meet in a couple weeks in SUPERGIRL #1. This Supergirl is someone with all the power of Superman, yet all of the drama and lust for life of a real teenager. And whereas I quickly learned to stay out of my sister’s way, Superman hasn’t learned that lesson yet -- though if you’ve seen the cover of SUPERGIRL #2, you know he’s about to … Writers Michael Green & Mike Johnson (responsible for a truly great run on SUPERMAN/BATMAN) have packed SUPERGIRL with enough spectacle to give Michael Bay a run for his money. Yet at the same time, you’ll find yourself empathizing with The Girl of Steel like never before. I mean, if you just crash-landed on Earth, found out your family and your entire freakin’ planet were gone, and you had these strange new powers, wouldn’t you have a pretty tough time adjusting? And trust me, Mike & Michael have some fun surprises in store, both for you readers and Kara -- not the least of which is the mystery surrounding her true origin … And the artist who will really sell both that level of high visual spectacle and emotional nuance is the one and only Mahmud Asrar. Folks, Mahmud has done some fine, fine work over the years -- from his recent Star Wars gig to some Marvel work to the great Dynamo 5 series to his ATOM story here at DC with Jeff Lemire (make sure to read ANIMAL MAN #1 and FRANKENSTEIN #1!) – but people will soon look back at SUPERGIRL #1 and cite it as the comic where Mahmud started his transition from comic book artist to superstar comic book artist. Seriously, the guy’s got the grace of Alan Davis, the fluidity of Stuart Immonen, the figurework of José Luis García-López, and an overall look and style that’s 100% Asrar. (And hey, inker Dan Green, colorist Dave McCaig, and letterer John J. “Hollywood” Hill are no slouches either!) So do not miss this book, OK? SUPERGIRL #1! On sale 9/21! And speaking of books you should not miss that are on sale 9/21 (FYI, I totally flunked “Subtle Transitions 101”), lemme quickly work in mention of another title I’m editing, DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS – a showcase for some of the best characters and talent DC has to offer. First up is a five-part Deadman story by Paul “I made the Inhumans cool” Jenkins and Bernard “The Inhumans were always cool” Chang. This one’s got everything you’d ever want in a comic – late night hook-ups, bar brawls, monsters, mobsters, monster mobsters, existential roller coaster rides with the devil, body-hopping (which is different than the late night hook-ups), massive explosions, and of course, evil librarians. Created by the legendary Arnold Drake and recently brought back to prominence in BRIGHTEST DAY, Deadman is one of the DC Universe’s best, most unusual heroes -- come find out why in DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS #1. (Or you can go body-hop yourself.)