“Joker is Bruce's greatest foe, but he's also Jim Gordon's.” – Scott Snyder

“Joker is Bruce's greatest foe, but he's also Jim...

By DCE Editorial Tuesday, July 26th, 2011
SPOILER WARNING: If you have not read DETECTIVE COMICS #879 and do not wish to know what happened, do not read any further. In the gripping conclusion to DETECTIVE COMICS #879, Jim Gordon was forced to come to terms with the fact that his son really is the cold-blooded monster that Barbara feared he would be all along. And while he and Barbara unmasked James Jr.’s devious plan to destroy Gotham City, The Joker made his way out of Arkham Asylum. It’s no secret that The Joker has been the catalyst for most of the suffering in Jim’s adult life. Now, with him out of prison, Jim must race to protect his loved ones. But to what lengths will The Joker go this time? And will Jim be able to lock him back up in time to save Gotham from his own son? “I can't believe we're finally here - the start of the big finale to our story!” said series writer Scott Snyder. “Last issue Jim Gordon finally learned that James Jr. really is as bad as Babs always suspected. When he rushes to James' boarding house where James is staying, though, he finds James gone. Even worse, while Jim was going after his son, the Joker managed to escape from Arkham. Yes, this issue starts with the Joker on the loose, and everyone - Batman, Babs, and especially Jim Gordon - desperate to find him. As for the writing of it, I really wanted to give Joker the frightening respect and hatred he deserves from Jim. Joker is Bruce's greatest foe, but he's also Jim Gordon's. He maimed his daughter in front of him, killed his wife Sarah - he has tortured him countless times over the years. In a lot of ways, he's as much of Jim's boogeyman as Batman's. Also, I just wanted to offer a huge thanks from all of us on the book right now. I can honestly say that we're all having the time of our lives working together on the final chapters of this story, and we can't thank you enough for following us down this dark, twisted path. These are the events we've all been dying to get to for months - the events that will bring everything that has happened so far together big and shocking ways. So take a look... Come see what Joker has made for for Jim Gordon - and for you...” DETECTIVE COMICS #880, by Scott Snyder and Jock, hits stores tomorrow.